SunriseModel SBEC 20A 7,4V
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SunriseModel SBEC 20A 7,4V Now with heatsink! Fixed voltage Max output current: 6 Amps Input: 6V-50.4V (2-12 cells lithium battery pack) Quiescent current: 60μA-200μA Size: 45mm*26mm*22mm (length*width*height) Weight: 41g Details: 1.1 Adopting the most advanced designing of Switch mode mastered by the main-controlling chip, combination of FET of extremely low resistor against high frequency, current limit protection. 1.2 Small and light. Max output current is 20A, high ability of with-loading. It is the first UBEC of heavy current in China. 1.3 Stable and excellent performance with great power of the brand component. 1.4 Output Voltage is 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 7V, 9V for selection by short-circuit plug (jumper wire). 1.5 Output double wires configured with a professional filtering magnet loop largely reduces the electromagnetic interference to assure the regular work with load. 1.6 6V to 50.4V wide range of regular working voltage. 1.7 Stable operating frequency, 100% Duty Cycle. 1.8 Totally enclosed electronic inductance reduces largely the electromagnetic interference.

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