For your external rotor motor you may need a high-speed controller,
which can process the high field speeds of your motor on the processor.

To calculate the field speed, proceed as follows:
idle speed of the motor X gear reduction X used battery voltage X number of poles of the motor (number of poles divided by 2 as the controller assumes 2 poles).

Check your controller's manual to see if it can handle the calculated field speed, or contact your dealer if you are unsure, to ensure 100% operation of your external rotor motor.

CAUTION: Test runs at no load WITHOUT PROPELLER always only at 50-70% of the nominal voltage.
10 seconds at the most!

This means: with 3S motor at 2S, 4S motor at 3S, 5S motor at 3S, 6S at 4S, 8S at 6S, 10S to 7S, 12S to 8S.

Important: The engine must always turn over without stuttering or jerking!
If the motor starts to stutter, switch it off immediately, otherwise the motor and controller may be destroyed!

Always keep the cable from the controller to the motor as short as possible!

Modern controllers with powerful micro-processors are capable of field speeds of over 200 thousand revolutions.

These controllers are always available from us!
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