Aeronaut Cam Carbon 9,5x6
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Aeronaut CAM Carbon folding propeller 9,5x6

Dimensions: 24,0 x 15,0 cm
Maximum allowed speed r/min: 16000

The new generation of folding propellers by Rudolf Freudenthaler in CAM technique. The optimized design of very thin profile and calculated by computer airfiol guarantees a very high accuracy with optimum efficiency at low power of the elektric motor. As material, exclusively a mixture of carbon fiber with nylon is processed, which gives the propeller a high torsional stiffness and has been used for years in these propellers.

CAM? What is that...?
CAM is english and means "Computer Aided Manufacturing". The forms for the injection process are developed on the PC using a CAD-program (Computer Aided Design). The manufacture of these formsis driven by the PC based by the inputted data. A huge advantage, because a more accurate form can hardly be made and the final propeller has practically no deviation from the original model.

Convince yourself of the unbelievable light weight of these new CAM folding propellers. The given weights are in pairs!

For efficiency we have provided a haben wir hier ein performance diagram.
You can checkHIER here (ca. 66 kb).

The benefits
-Very light weight! By the processed material and the very thin profile, the weight is very low.
-A sharp end edge! For an excellent aerodynamic propeller.
-Very quiet! The new CAM technique makes these folding propellers among the quietest in its class.
-Very thin profile! Big savings in weight, not least because of the material.
-High efficiency! Achieved by the optimal profile.

Speed table Aeronaut CamCarbon folding propeller you findHERE

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