neuer Artikel erstellt am 09.01.2014-08:52 Peggy Pepper HK-2524<br>with Micro Edition 5:1N<br>2950KV
Peggy Pepper HK-2524<br>with Micro Edition 5:1N<br>2950KV
Peggy Pepper HK-2524
with Micro Edition 5:1N/T
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Peggy Pepper - Series: TWENTY-FIVE
HK 2524-2950KV 8 pole with Micro Edition 5:1N (with flat and inject) incl. torque-pinion (T)
With flat and inject (hollow-bored shaft = greasing without spinner dismantling)

Weight 145g
with Micro Edition 5:1N incl. torque-pinion (T)
Diameter 31,5mm
Length without shaft 66mm
Gear shaft 6mm
646 rpm, 8 pole
Hole circle 14mm, 3xM2,5

HAWK Drive

680 watts to 1437 watts for your Hawk for 3-4s.

Goes on 3s 3500 or 4s 3000 SLS 45C without additional plumb.
Stick the controller in the hull inside right and than push the battery
into the front.
Light, starts better, accelerated brutal, less mass forces during
Stays longer in the air and ascends faster and is in the air at
daring maneuvers such as full-throttle square loops nearly undestroyable.
The best prop for a light Hawk is the RF 15x16.

CAUTION: 3,5 mm gold connectors are only for duration current 50A and short-time 70A for 10 sec. permissible !

Stand drive data:
In flight the drive rotates 10-15% higher, so that the pitch speed values
can indeed be achieved.

3s - 11V - 15x16 RFthin M28, 6341 rpm, 61 amp. 681 watts, pitch. 155 km/h, Eta 81,6%

4s - 14,8V - 15x16 thin M28, 8126 rpm, 94 amp. 1392 watts, pitch.198 km/h, Eta 80% - 10sec

5s - 18,5V - 15x16 thin M28, 9730 rpm, 132 amp. 2446 watts, pitch.237 km/h, Eta 78,3% - 6sec - timing 30°

NOTE: calculated thrust values

With this drive are in best case
(preheated battery) up to 60m/sec. ascending possible.
This means 216Km/h vertical.

Caution: For powers over 1000 watts we recommend the Micro-Edition 5:1N 4plus gear!

Optional accessories:
Peggy Pepper 9-Drops Lube for needle-beared Edition gearbox

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