Peggy Pepper / Scorpion HK-2221/5 5000KV mit Micro Edition 5:1 NL Peggy Pepper HK-2221/12 2580KV
Peggy Pepper HK-2221/12 2580KV
Peggy Pepper HK-2221/12 2580KV
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Peggy Pepper - powered by Scorpion

Technical data: (manufacturer information):

Statordiameter: 22.0 mm
Stator strength: 21.0 mm
Stator arms: 9
Pole: 6
Turns: 12 Turn Delta
rpm/V: 25800
Weight: 79g
Diameter: 27.9 mm
Shaft: 3.17 mm
Motor length: 38.3 mm
Shaft length: 58.7 mm
PCD: 16 mm 4xM3
Max. lipo cells:
Motor timing: 12°
Motor frequence: 8kHz

Peggy Pepper Competition Series Brushless Motoren are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. Its unique design offers a no-compromise solution for all modelers asking of both, performance, quality and a fair price.

Motors of the Peggy Pepper HK-22ies series are specially developed for smaller planes, smaller impellers and helicopters of the 450ies class. Because of the mounting bolt circle of 16mm (4xM3) they are easily to combine with many gearboxes and thus they allow a drive of light models up to 4 m span.

The motors of the Peggy Pepper HK-22 series have over 9 stator arms and 6 poles. They are double ball bearings, have an interchangeable 3,17mm shaft and can only be assembled behind the nose bulkhead / motor carrier.

The stators are manufactured out of 0,2mm transformer sheets to get the highest efficiency and the lowest Eddy current loss. Furthermore, they are coated with exposy resin to insulate best for short circuits. They are wound with high standard wire that is rated up to 180°C. Scorpion only uses high power magnets of N-50EH style, wihch can stand a operating temperature up to 200°C. Thus, it is almost impossible to burn these motors in its area of operation.

Peggy Pepper Brushless motors of the HK-22 series are the right choice for heli pilots of the 450ies class and wing pilots who like to move a little faster.

All Peggy Pepper motors of the HK-22 series are shipped with already soldered 3,5mm gold plated plugs and matching 3,5mm gold-contact connectors.

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