RF Spinner CFK 30/ 3,17mm - Turbo RF Spinner CFK 30/3,17mm - Turbo
RF Spinner CFK 30/3,17mm - Turbo
GM Spinner CFK 36/6mm
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GM Spinner CFK 36/ 6mm with prop screws M3

Handmade CFK spinner by Georgi Mirov with a middle part of aluminium.

without a cooling opening you have to expect much higher engine temperatures. The consequence is a worse efficiency and overheating/ risk of burns.

Technical data:
Diameter: 36mm
Shaft: 6mm
Centre distance: 34mm
Lenght: 35mm
Leaf root uptake: 8mm
Clamping cone
Weight: approx. 16g

Optional accessories:

Wera Hex Plus Hexagonal screwdriver 3,0mm
Prop-Gums: Size S

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