Leopard LC500 6pol>br>2450KV<br>Welle 3.17mm Leopard LC500 6pole>br>2450KV<br>Welle 3.17mm
Leopard LC500 6pole>br>2450KV<br>Welle 3.17mm
Leopard LC4260 14pole
shaft 6mm with glider adapter
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Leopard LC 4260 14Pole - 580KV Brushless mit langer Motorwelle with glider adapter

Glider direct drive for glider models from 2kg to 8kg, with long motor shaft for easy mounting and a spinner size from 35mm with glider adapter FES, 4 x 30 M4 on 4 x 25 M3 (length 40mm).

Reisenauer special edition with 0,2mm stator sheets.

Heavy models require a longer switch-on time and a longer cooling phase in gliding flight with turbo spinner.

Weight: 310g with glider adapter but without plugs
Diameter: 42,5mm
Lenght of the shaft: 60mm
Lenght without shaft: 92,6mm
Motor shaft: 6mm
Pole: 14
U/min/V: 578
Hole circle: 25mm, 4xM3
For 3-6 Lipo
Electricity max: 50 Amp.
Max power on 6s 1100 W
Motor timing: 12°
Motor frequenzy: 8 kHz

Our drive data:
Best ETA on 14,8 V, 22 Amp., 84,9%
Best ETA bei 22,2 V, 23 Amp., 85%
Ideal application range 20-45 Amp.

Switch-on times:
Typical for sailors under consideration of outside temperature and effective cooling..

Drive data at standstill:

3s - 11,1V-17x13 GM CFK M37, 44745 rpm, 53 Amp. 587Watt, Schub 2953g, VPitch 94km/h, Eta 71,7%

4s - 14,8V-14x10 RF CFK M36, 7162 rpm, 42 Amp. 620 Watt, Schub 2525g, VPitch 109km/h, Eta 80,2%
4s - 14,8V-16x8 GM CFK M37, 7328 rpm, 37 Amp. 651 Watt, Schub 3768g, VPitch 89km/h, Eta 81,7%
4s - 14,8V-17x8 GM CFK M29, 7092 rpm, 44 Amp. 651 Watt, Schub 3637g, VPitch 86km/h, Eta 79,6%

5s - 18,5V-13x10 RF CFK Wide M41, 8690 rpm, 53 Amp. 978 Watt, Schub 3499g, VPitch 132km/h, Eta 78,3%
5s - 18,5V-14x8 RF CFK breit M36, 8914 rpm, 47 Amp. 872 Watt, Schub 3536g, VPitch 109km/h, Eta 80,0%
5s - 18,5V-14x10 RF CFK M36, 8478 rpm, 58 Amp. 1077 Watt, Schub 3539g, VPitch 129km/h, Eta 76,7%
5s - 18,5V-15x8 RF CFK Wide M36, 8722 rpm, 52 Amp. 963 Watt, Schub 4045g, VPitch 106km/h, Eta 78,6%
5s - 18,5V-16x8 GM CFK M37, 8726 rpm, 51 Amp. 961 Watt, Schub 55343g, VPitch 106km/h, Eta 78,6%

6s - 22,2V-13x9 GM CFK M39, 10784 rpm, 54 Amp. 1207 Watt, Schub 3671g, VPitch 148 km/h, Eta 80,8%

Note: calculated thrust values

Optional accessories:

Sunrise Regler

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